Joanne Knight


Recent Publications

Deregulation Ruined the Economy in 2008, Not High Wages  ZNet May 13, 2014

Corporate Hegemony and the Keystone Pipeline Open Democracy, April 30 2014

Public-Private Partnerships From Hell Counterpunch, March 14 – 16, 2014

Oily Hijack: Corporate Hegemony and the Keystone Pipeline EIS, Counterpunch, Feb 7, 2014


State of the Labor Movement in USA, Countercurrent  Feb 2, 2014

What does Bill Gates know about poverty? Countercurrents Jan 29, 2014

‘Typhoon Haiyan and the Economics of the Spectacle’ Counterpunch  Nov 15, 2013

‘Foreign Policy by Batman!’ Counterpunch Oct 7, 2013

‘Surveillance and Leakage’ Counterpunch Sept 5, 2013


‘Image Warfare and the Civilian Drone Deaths in Pakistan’, Counterpunch, Vol. 20 no. 10 – Digital Exclusive Nov 5, 2013

‘Hybrid Labour Activism: OUR Walmart and US anti-unionism’, Arena Magazine, Oct-Nov 2013

‘Code Red: US Gun Culture and Militarization’, Arena Magazine, April-May 2013

‘Social Housing or Private Profit?’, Arena Magazine, Feb-March 2010

‘Hot House: Market Morality and the Right to Adequate Housing’, Dissent, Summer 2009-2010

‘Exorcising Terrorism’, Dissent, Autumn/ Winter 2008

‘Mortgage Mayhem’, Arena Magazine, Number 91, Oct-Nov 2007

‘Uncertain Crimes: Arbitrary Detention and Terrorism Law’, Dissent, Spring 2007

‘Losing Your Right to Fill the G’: Unfair Dismissal, WorkChoices, and Democracy’, Arena Magazine, Number 87, Feb-March 2007

‘Housing and Human Rights’, Arena Magazine, Number 86, Dec-Jan 2006-7


‘Western Sauce may spoil Peking Duck’ The Age July 27, 2009

‘More of the same no cure for inherent ills’ The Age November 7, 2008

‘Trade, aid fail Cambodia’s poor’ The Age August 15, 2008

‘Food for thought as liberalisation increases hunger’ The Age May 3, 2008

‘Ordinary people feel the pain while wealthy few pocket the gain’ The Age 8 April 2008

Overstaying our welcome like CinderellaThe Age 21 Feb 2008

‘The Jabiluka Trials’, Environmental Law News, 1999

‘The Jabiluka Trials’, Deliraa, 1998


Book Review Robert J Shiller ‘The Subprime Solution’ Arena Magazine Number 97 Oct-Nov 2008


Knight, J. and Proudley, M. Journeys: Tales from High Rise Housing, Brotherhood of St Laurence, 2003



  1. Corporate Hegemony and the Keystone Pipeline EIS…Very true but not very difficult to convince the American sheeple that there is no such thing as climate change. After all, about 90% have been convinced that there is a sky daddy looking out for them and a large percentage keep believing in Constitutions, Land of Freedom and Justice, voting, humanitarian aid, free trade and other rubbish.
    Thanks…Sheldon Archer

    Comment by exbrit69 — February 8, 2014 @ 10:28 am | Reply

    • Thanks for your comment Sheldon. A survey in March 2013 found that 69% of Americans agree there is solid evidence the earth is warming. (Pew Research) It seems the message about global warming is slowly filtering through in spite of the enormous amounts of money being spent to convince them otherwise. But people feel incredibly disempowered to try and engage politically on the issue. References to the Constitution, human rights, the rule of law can provide powerful arguments to challenge the views of those in power.

      Comment by joanneknight — February 8, 2014 @ 9:43 pm | Reply

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