Joanne Knight

August 30, 2013

Bombing go round

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I’m confused–which rogue regime is the US debating “action” against this week. Last week it was Egypt, this week… oh yes… Syria! So the debate is not ‘should the US intervene in Syria’ but ‘is there a justification for bombing Syria?’ Should the US bomb Syria or simply arm the rebels? People on NPR debated whether this should be the US’s go to position on foreign policy but there is no doubt apparently that the US has a right, a duty even, to interfere militarily in the affairs of another country. This is the main assumption underlying the debate.

Over the past 12 months the US has debated bombing North Korea, Iran and now Syria. It’s strangely like 1984 with the ever-rotating enemies of Eurasia and East Asia. How prophetic that book was!

It’s a glaringly contrast to the hands off approach to the military coup in Egypt which massacred hundreds of civilians and yet could still be described as a democracy!


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